Keeping The Vision Clear


Proclaiming the Gospel

We will present Jesus Christ as Lord, in power and excellence and in a manner relevant to the needs of all people in today’s society.


Teaching the Word

We will teach the Bible as the divinely inspired Word of God and our standard for faith and conduct.


Promoting Evangelism

We will actively spread the Gospel through dynamic personal evangelism, evangelistic outreaches in our community, and ever-increasing support of missions throughout the world.


Modeling Stewardship

We will obediently model faithful stewardship of time, talent, and money—seeing these as being from God’s hand.


Praying Effectively and Fervently

We will establish personal and corporate prayer as a foundation of fruitfulness in life, service, and ministry.


Restoring People Through God’s Love

We will teach and encourage people to yield to the Holy Spirit, to bring God’s love and restorative power to those who have been spiritually wounded, returning them to wholeness and fruitful ministry.