Common Questions

In short - 1 Licence = 1 website = 1 end product

If I purchase an extended license, do I get a multi-use, multi-domain, multi-client or developer license?

No. The extended license is still limited to a single end product, but you can re-sell that product. The exceptions are images from PhotoDune, and tools (which have their own license).

You can check the item browser, feature and software version compatibility, as well as other item attributes by viewing the item information table (below the buyer rating on the right hand side of the page) on the “Item Details” Tab.

In short: On a regular license you can monetise through advertisements, you cannot monetise through memberships.

  1. Going to your downloads page
  2. Clicking download
  3. Clicking licence and purchase code
  4. Inside you’ll see the item purchase code

1 License = 1 website = 1 end product or 1 Client = 1 license = 1 end product

The item is what you purchase from Envato Market. The end product is what you build with that item.

Example: The item is a business card template; the end product is the finalized business card. The item is a button graphic; the end product is an app using the button graphic in the app's interface.

Generally, your license is not transferable. The exception is if you are a freelancer using the item for an end product for one client, or if you sell the single instance of an end product, such as a website installation. In those cases, point the client or buyer to the license terms and delete the item from your computer.

Authors are not obligated to provide support, however we do. Envato provides a Marketplace (the platform) to buy and sell digital items and is not the author of the item you have purchased.
Contact us at any time at vossendesign@gmail.com

The Support tab shows whether authors accept questions through email, their own support system or, direct back to the item comments.

From the item page Click the ‘Support’ tab

Click to follow the link to the author’s support website (if this option is available)

Every Author has an email form located in the sidebar of their profile.

From the item page Click the author’s Name or Logo (on the right hand side), Scroll to the bottom of the page, Type your message and Click ‘Send’

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