The heart of the Children’s Church Ministry is to reach every boy and girl possible with the salvation message of our Lord Jesus Christ, training them to be skillful in the Word of God, anointed and empowered by the Holy Spirit, thus helping them find and develop their call and purpose in the Body of Christ becoming an effective witness in the world in which they live.

First and foremost, children matter to God and are an important part of the Body of Christ. Through the scriptures we see there is no question how Jesus feels about children and here at Crossroads there is no question how we feel about children. We believe church is a place where every child should always feel unconditionally loved, accepted. and welcomed. Our Children’s Church Leaders are a team of committed staff members who willing and sacrificially give of themselves wholeheartedly to the ministry of children. It is our desire to create a hunger and thirst for God and the things of God. It is our belief that there is nothing more important then laying a strong and firm foundation of biblical and spiritual truth in a child’s life. To allow a child’s sense of God to go undeveloped and not encourage spiritual growth in biblical truth and knowledge would be like allowing a child who is living at home with his parents, yet being denied proper food and nourishment. We want their relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ to be the greatest love story their heart has ever known and the greatest love connection their hear has ever made. A total makeover that last throughout eternity!

Our exciting, fun-filled children’s church program is offered to all children beginning at age 3 through eighth grade. It is action packed and features lively praise and worship, puppets, comedy, illustrated object lessons, scripture memorization, games, and captivating and inspiring messages. While the program is highly entertaining all Bible truths and principles taught nature children in faith and core values in an easy to understand fun way.

Our Preschool and Kindergarten class is designed to facilitate and meet the spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical needs of energetic 3, 4, and 5 year olds who are always on the move, yet tire easily.

Young children learn best by their guided learning through experience, personal involvement, and relationships. Our curriculum offers interactive Bible stories and numerous activities that instill Bible truths and principles in the hearts of young children in a fun, repetitive way that adapts and fits the needs of each individual child in his/her own learning style. Our teachers do a superb job of laying a foundation and preparing the hearts of preschool and kindergarten children to receive Jesus as their Lord and Savior. Their outstretched arms of love warm their hearts and create a loving atmosphere that is sure to keeps them coming back again and again.

9:30am & 11:00am
Nursery- Room 101- Birth thru 2 years

Preschool – Room 106 – Ages 3, 4, & 5.

Primary – Children’s Modular A117 – Grades 1 & 2

Middlers – Children’s Modular A117 – Grades 3 & 4

Juniors – Children’s Modular A117 – Grades 5 & 6


Gail Atkinson Children’s Pastor